Frieze Week

A conversation with Paul Kasmin, an inside look at the Christie's Frieze Post-War & Contemporary Evening Sale with Katharine Arnold, and a Preview of the Sotheby's Frieze Evening Sale with Oliver Barker

Happy Frieze Week everyone!

While The Canvas has been busily preparing the latest edition of our monthly reports (more on that below), we’re also gearing up to release our traditional (and free!) fair reports tomorrow, Friday, and Sunday. And with this being Frieze London, we’ll of course be including our recap and analysis of the annual Post-War & Contemporary evening auctions at Christie’s and Sotheby’s respectively.

And speaking of Christie’s and Sotheby’s- our October edition of The Canvas Monthly features an inside look at the Christie’s Frieze Post-War & Contemporary evening sale with Katharine Arnold; and a preview of the Sotheby’s Contemporary evening sale, and sale of the David Teiger collection with Oliver Barker. We also had a long and in-depth conversation with Paul Kasmin regarding his gallery’s new flagship space next to the High Line, the future of Cheslea as an art neighborhood, and the gallery’s recent rebranding.

We’re also extraordinarily pleased to announce who will be featured in our November edition- and we know, we’re surprised we’re ahead of schedule for once as well. We’ll be talking to Frieze director, Victoria Sidall, for a wide ranging conversation touching on all three iterations of the fair (including what we can expect from the first Frieze LA). We’ll be speaking with Amalia Dayan and Daniella Luxembourg (of Luxembourg & Dayan) about how their small but powerhouse gallery has thrived amidst the increasing push for galleries to constantly grow larger. And we’ll be talking to all the relevant players at Christie’s and Sotheby’s for inside looks and previews of the November Post-War & Contemporary and Impressionist & Modern evening sales in New York taking place later that month. And as a cherry on top- Dominique Lévy will headline our December edition which will of course focus heavily on Art Basel Miami Beach and the requisite satellite fairs. There’s also another really big guest being planned as well- but we’re not ready to announce his participation yet. You’ll just have to trust us when we say that you’d absolutely, 100%, be dying to hear his thoughts on a whole range of issues effecting the art world.

Not to brag (but okay, just to brag a little), have you ever seen a more blue-chip lineup of interviews before? When we started The Canvas Monthly back in June we promised to provide access to only the top thought leaders and decision makers shaping the fine art industry. We think we’ve delivered. And if you think so too, then we encourage you to show your support by subscribing below. No one likes a mooch.

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Until then- our beds our calling to us. And the Airbnb is beginning to look hazy. Until tomorrow folks!


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A Note About Sharing From The Canvas

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To Our Dearest Readers,

This morning, we shared a link with a few special people so that they could access the most recent edition of The Canvas Monthly. Since that time, over 2,900 people have clicked through the link to read our coverage. We’ll say that again- 2,900 from eight original people. Now don’t get us wrong- The Canvas is thrilled with the surge in interest for our monthly editions. We truly are. After all, we write The Canvas with the hope that we’ll be valued and enjoyed throughout the (mainly) New York, Los Angeles, and London fine arts community.

And we get it- this month’s edition was packed full of insights and exclusive access. We spoke with Tony Karman, President & Director of Expo Chicago about how the fair is flourishing despite the proliferation of fairs from larger competitors across the globe. We included an exclusive guide to the top art PR firms in New York- including Sutton PR, Resnicow & Associates, Cultural Counsel, FITZ & CO, Sharp Communications, Blue Medium, and Nadine Johnson & Associates. And we took an in-depth look at the in-house editorial operations at the five international mega-galleries: Gagosian, David Zwirner, Hauser & Wirth, Pace, and Perrotin.

And by all means, there’s nothing wrong with sharing the love. In fact, we encourage it. But at the end of the day, The Canvas is predicated on the encouragement and support of the readers within our industry. That means the galleries, the auction houses, the fairs, the PR firms, the art advisers, the collectors, and passionate individuals who sincerely care, and have a vested interest in our collective community.

So as a one time thing, we’re providing everyone with access to the most recent edition of The Canvas Monthly. All you have to do is click through the link below and enter the password: thecanvas

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The Canvas Monthly Will Publish on Sunday

The Canvas knows you hate incessant emails. We truly are sorry. 

But we wanted to quickly let you know that due to increased demand, The Canvas Monthly report that was originally supposed to publish later today, will instead be published on Sunday. 

With the increased demand came requests for an easier, more digestible layout (rather than one long never-ending email that you have to continuously scroll through). Because this edition of The Canvas Monthly includes such long, in-depth looks at both the art PR firm space, as well as the in-house content operations at the five mega-galleries, we wanted to make sure that this edition is as enjoyable an experience to read as it was for us to write.

That’s right- The Canvas will be working over over the holiday weekend. That’s just how we roll. So fear not! You didn’t miss our next edition, and it didn’t accidentally slip through your oft-neglected inbox (like that ever happens anyway). There will still be time to print it out on Sunday and enjoy with your last breaths of summer. 

Between this edition, and The Canvas Monthly that will be published in late September which will include previews of Frieze London, the London auction sales, and some truly blockbuster interviews, you definitely don’t want to miss out on what everyone will surely be talking about at the gallery openings this month.  

And as a special reward for putting up with us for a second time this week, we’re including a specialized link below that offers a 15% discount on subscription for 100 readers through the Labor Day holiday. We hope you’ll take us up on this offer; but by all means, skip out to a Friday afternoon happy hour first. As with most art, The Canvas is best enjoyed with a nice cocktail in hand. 

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